Data enterer e-Learning

Data enterer e-Learning


Welcome to your dedicated InForm e-learning environment.

You will need to have flash player installed on your computer in order to view the modules.

Flash Player is available as a plugin for recent versions of web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer)

In most cases, if you click on the e-learning modules and you do not have flash player, then you will be prompted to install it immediately. In other cases, if you click on the e-learning modules and you do not have flash player, then you may only see a blank screen and no prompt. In this instance you should go ahead and install Flash Player anyway.

Navigating at your own speed

You will see this toolbar at the bottom of each module.

You can enter or exit the learning modules at any time using the green buttons along the bottom of your screen. There are no time limits for the modules. You can proceed through them at a speed of your choice.

You also have the option of PAUSING, FAST-FORWARDING AND REWINDING screens of your choice.

Please note that although InForm can only be accessed via Internet Explorer, you can work through these e-learning modules on any browser you like such as Safari or Firefox.

Upon successful completion of the module (having answered the assessments) you will be presented with an email box, please enter details of your marks and send.

In order to gain access to the EUCLIDS trial you will also need to complete the User Activation Form and send to the address on the form, this is for regulatory purposes.

Also there are some reference documents (icons, hints and tips, quick reference guide etc.) which you will find useful once the trial is live (see below).

**** Click on the link to start ****. Should you experience any difficulty in viewing the module screens, please contact inform.training@imperial.ac.uk.

Links to associated documents (stored in the document management system - WP1)