Genome Institute of Singapore

GIS, 60 Biopolis Street, Genome, #02-01, 138672

The Genome Institute of Singapore is a worldwide leading research institute funded by the Singaporean government. The departments of Infectious diseases and Human genetics have access to state of the art technology available at the genotyping and sequencing facilities of the Institute. Among those: two Illumina iScan, two Sequenom Massarray, one Affymetrix Gene Titan. A team of eight people is exclusively devoted to run these machines which salaries will be covered by the Institute. Thus, our current set-up allows us to produce up to millions of genotypes daily. Three IT specialist support all the Laboratory Management system (LIMS) and databases. Moreover, twelve sequencing machines, (Roche GS-FLX, six Illumina Solexa, four ABI Solid and one HiScanSQ) are available to carry out next generation sequencing and will be used in the targeted sequencing of CFH as well as other candidate genes identified by our GWAS.

Dr Martin Hibberd
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