Imperial Consultants

58 Prince's Gate, Exhibition Road, LONDON, SW7 2PG

IC Consultants Ltd is a wholly-owned company of Imperial College London specialised in managing and coordinating large multidisciplinary projects and in QA/QC for RTD activities with expertise and experts. ICON works together with research organisations, companies and academia on a range of technology transfer and support projects as part of an ongoing programme.ICON has previous experience in participating and managing large multidisciplinary consortia across EU. ICON is currently working as a contractor and has experience in working with DG-IST, DG Research, DG Environment, EuropeAid, JRC and other DGs, with other funding bodies such as World Bank, UK's DfID, UK and international charities. Through its dedicated Project Management Team, ICON will support the Project Director in the Consortium Management, for any contractual and project running issues, for the knowledge management, for coordinating the training and networking activities and towards an efficient dissemination of the findings. Through its experience in technology transfer and best practice, ICON will aim to create a common platform for the participating end-users with the aim to attract more SMEs and industrial users in widening the scope of the project. ICON will deal with the dissemination of the findings and in the creation and maintenance of the project website and content management system.

Dr. Radu Rautiu
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