Oxford Gene Technology

Begbroke Science Park, Sandy Lane, Yarnton Oxford, OX5 1PF

Founded by Professor Ed Southern, Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) provides innovative clinical genetics and diagnostic solutions to advance molecular medicine. The company is based in Oxford (UK), and employs 63 people, of which over 40 are scientists and engineers engaged in R&D activities. OGT has a proven pedigree in genomic technology from the early Southern Blot to Microarrayys and more recently Next Generation Sequencing. This technology understanding has been combined with the experience gained through running very large microarray research projects such as the Wellcome Trust Case Control Copy Number Varation project which involved over 20,000 samples being processed at OGT. OGT’s Genefficiency™ Genomic service business is a unique combination of world-leading platforms, people, processing power and performance synchronised to deliver rapid, high quality genomic data to customers worldwide. OGT will utilise these capabilities to provide a broad portfolio of genomic technology to profile clinical samples, including high density microarrays (aCGH), SNP genotyping and next generation genomic sequencing. By combining high throughput sample processing with an accredited Quality Management System, OGT can provide high quality data in a rapid and cost efficient manner. OGT has an interest in discovering and commercialising biomarkers for use in major human diseases. It currently has in-house Programmes in prostate and colorectal cancer with further programmes being planned. In addition, OGT is capable of performing a suite of complex genomic tests on clinical samples with partners as either a service or in a collaborative environment. OGT has extensive experience of multinational collaborative projects, having been involved in both FP6 and FP7 programmes covering a broad range of applications of genomic technology.

Dr James Clough
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